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Women's Mental Health            Relationship Trauma       Divorce Counseling

Foggy Lake

Are you feeling shut down or numb in an unhealthy relationship?

Do you struggle to be assertive or have a tendency to people please?

Are you thinking about divorce, in the middle of it, or still recovering from its effects?

Have you tried everything to stay



I am Nicole Herway, and yes my actual last name is Herway. That's how we work at Herway Counseling:
Her Way.

I am a psychotherapist in the Salt Lake City, Utah area that specializes in working with women's mental health, relationship trauma, and divorce counseling. I offer individual therapy and group services. I am passionate about helping people build happy, fulfilling relationships.

In addition to my therapy practice, I am a clinical supervisor, writer, and public speaker. I am a domestic vio
lence survivor advocate and divorced mother of two.


"Nicole helped me figure out how to talk to my children about the divorce, both when it was happening and afterwards when they still had questions. I had no idea how to tell my kids the truth without telling them too much, and she helped me find the words. I've been able to have compassion towards myself and have created a healthy relationship with my now-co-parent."     

-- Alexis R.


"I had a complicated relationship with my parents as an adult child. It seemed we were always just silent about issues and never talked about them, but we were resenting each other silently. It was so painful and made me not want to be around them, but I still wanted some type of relationship with them because family mattered to me. Nicole helped me work through my attachment rupture with my parents, and now we have a more communicative and healthy relationship. It's not perfect, but we have the skills we need now." 

-- Keri L.

"I thought I was just in a marriage with someone who was grumpy and that I was the problem, but working with Nicole was so empowering for me. I made huge changes and feel so much relief. I'm confident now and excited for my future."
-- Rachel T.

Client Testimonials

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You can contact me through the form below or directly via email or text to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. I will respond within 48 business hours. Let's get started!

Text: (385) 352-3231


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