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Get to Know Your Therapist

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

I'm glad you're here! Having a good connection with your therapy, what we call a "therapeutic relationship", is key to healing. Just like a talented hairstylist who knows your hair or a smart mechanic who knows your car, you're going to want a therapist who is a fine balance between validating and challenging. Half the fun of therapy is learning how to strike that balance with my clients, so here's a fun Q&A to get to know me better in the hopes it will help you figure out if we'll jive together in your therapeutic work.

Why did you choose therapy as a profession?

I took a Psychology class in high school for fun and then an Abnormal Psychology class in college for my major (Therapeutic Recreation). I knew therapy fascinated me and started off as a Recreation Therapist working for the VA; then I realized I wanted to keep recreation as a personal hobby and focus my career on the therapeutic aspect. I applied to graduate school, had incredible mentors, got advanced training in trauma/attachment work, and the learning continues!

Doesn't it get old to do your job every day? Does it wear you out?

Therapists have skills and we use them! I have a technique I use between sessions to help me emotionally "close" one session and then "open" myself up for the next one. It prevents burn out and allows me to be 100% present with the client I'm with in session.

Be honest! What's your favorite type of client?

One who shows up each session, vulnerable and willing to work. I do enjoy working with adolescents and young adults, but any inner child work regardless of the age of the client is fascinating.

What do you nerd out on?

Psychology of any sort, but especially trauma, attachment, and parenting. I am fascinated how two people can go through similar experiences and one person recovers quickly while another can take years to recover. Attachment styles in infancy are pivotal, AND we can re-parent ourselves as adults in ways that childhood caregivers either wouldn't or didn't have the skills to do at the time. Healing is always possible.

If you hadn't picked therapy for a profession, what would you have chosen?

I would love to be a psychology professor. I love the idea of doing research, writing, and teaching another generation of therapists. Does that count as an answer? If we're asking to shoot for the stars with any profession, probably a lavender farmer in the south of France. Give me all the bread, cheese, and lavender fields.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Anything outdoors! I love to hike, ski, travel, paddleboard, camp, run - all of it. Except surfing. Deep water with shark potential? Hard pass. Oooo, but the indoors is fun too - cooking, reading, and yes even organizing. Organizing is a hobby, right?

What is one thing you wish all clients knew?

I enjoy our sessions! Even if you feel stuck, even if you feel like you keep having the same issues, even if you feel like you'll never "make it", even if you feel like a lost cause. I love talking with you. Being able to see my clients learn, grow, thrive, challenge themselves, forgive themselves, and show up week after week as they work to become the version of themselves they are proud of - ah, that's the best. Being able to see the relief of the face of a client who is starting to feel like they're coming up for air (the mental health version of air, that is), that's why I love working with you!

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